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International Conference on Automated Decision-Making and Chinese Societies (“自动化决策和华人社会”国际学术会议 ), RMIT Australia

Feb 01, 2023 - Feb 03, 2023

Haili Li  and Genia Kostka are going to present their findings on Grey digital divide and digital inclusion in China at the first international conference on automated decision-making (ADM) and Chinese societies.

The conference will bring together global researchers and students doing cutting-edge research on digital China, particularly in the field of automated decision-making and society (ADMS) in the Chinese contexts, to explore the meaning, features, politics, and geopolitics of ADM; the impact of ADM on societies and the role of people (human agency) in navigating the brand new world.

The conference themes are broad and inclusive of a wide range of topics ranging from ADMS technologies to policy and governance, from biopolitics to geopolitics, from social impact to citizen engagement, from China to the Chinese-speaking world.

The conference features keynote plenary sessions, regular panels and workshops. We are thrilled to be joined by many experts, stakeholders, observers, analysts, and industry practitioners over the three-day conference in February.

This is a hybrid conference, with Zoom access for all sessions/panels to enable people who cannot travel to Melbourne to participate in the conference remotely. Registration is free for online attendants.

 Conference program and registration are: https://www.admscentre.org.au/event/adm-cs-2023/